• Towards Litter-Free Cities

    Using AI and image-recognition technology, our "Takanome" software tracks the spread and density of litter through a mobile app. Combining live data from streets and policy expertise, Pirika is looking to support a cleaner future for all cities.

  • Obstacles to Anti-Litter Initiatives

    Looking to address the issues surrounding litter, many local governments face the following obstacles.


    "Our posters and signs don't stop people from littering."


    "Even with a budget to combat littering, we don't know where and how to allocate it."​


    "Our municipality is unable to track the effectiveness of existing initiatives and programs."


    The stubborn persistence of of littering is caused by a shortage of information surrounding the effectiveness of existing sanitation initiatives. This severely complicates municipal anti-litter efforts, and results in dirtier cities.


    Looking to resolve this crucial absence of information, our team at Pirika developed "Takanome" to better gage levels of litter and help cities implement policies to stay clean.

  • How "Takanome" Works

    1. Planning and Preparation

    Determining Track Path 

    The area and frequency of the software's program is determined to meet project needs. Our team can also offer expert recommendations on the most effective routes.

    2. Data Collection

    Street Footage Captured via Mobile App

    A team records video footage of selected streets using a mobile app. This step can be undertaken by either the client or our team at Pirika.

    3. Analysis

    Identifying the type and amount of Litter

    Using an system developed by Pirika, our team breaks down collected footage to identify the type and amount of litter around the city.

    4. Findings and Recommendations

    Data-driven Recommendations and Solutions

    Final findings are compiled into heat-maps for maximum impact. Findings reports, comparative analyses, and environmental policy recommendations are also offered.

  • Past Projects

    "Takanome" has been crucial in identifying the severity of litter around the world, helping keep communities clean.

    Yokohama, Totsuka Ward

    Yokohama City Urban Beautification Division

    Surveying the amount of litter around Totsuka station, the city obtained data necessary to maximize the placement of non-smoking areas

    MCF / Gumclean Company Ltd.

    Measuring the intensity of litter in key Olympic venues, it became possible to improve the cleanliness of the 2021 games.


    Reference: "The Intensity of Litter in Tokyo Olympics Venues"

    Kawasaki City

    Kawasaki City / GLOCOM

    Research was conducted in partnership with a university team. The project allowed for visualizations of city litter necessary for a data-oriented perspective perspective on the issue.


    Reference: "Utilizing Environmental Data and Footage in Addressing Community Issues"

    Osaka, Nishi-Yodogawa Ward

    Osaka City Council Member Tokuda

    In support of the Council Member's policy-making process, the intensity of litter around Tsukamoto station was measured, with similar projects in nearby Higashi-Yodogawa and Tennoji wards.

  • Pricing and Consultations

    Appraisals for "Takanome" depend on tracking frequency and radius. (footage collected by Pirika incurs an additional fee) For approximations on price, please submit a document outlining the route for litter analysis. An estimation will be provided within 5 business days.

  • Become a Regional Partner

    We are searching for partners looking to use our technologies to expand and improve their operations. Contact us below if your team is interested in working together towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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