• We aim to design litterless cities

    using artificial intelligence

    Takanome is an AI-based program that maps and measures litter using visual recognition technology. We aim to contribute to designing litterless cities by evaluating anti-litter efforts through our cutting-edge research and providing other consulting services related to urban development.

  • Problem of the Usual Anti-litter Efforts

    Many efforts have been made over the years in trying to clean up Japan through legislation, manual labor/volunteerism and litter education using posters and other campaigns. However, we are unable to assess how bad the current litter problem is or measure the impact of any anti-litter efforts due to the absence of any measurement method or standards. There is a danger that these anti-litter efforts, without implementation of some method to measure their impact, are merely contributing to complacency with no meaningful impact on the global litter problem.


    For example, you probably have seen posters that encourage people to stop littering or designated smoking areas being created with the intent to reduce cigarette litter. As of now, no one who is behind those anti-litter efforts can tell you whether any of these efforts are effective. This is because no one is measuring their impact.


    We have developed Takanome, an AI-based program that can analyze litter captured on video. This has made it possible to conduct cost-effective litter research and analysis with consistency over a wide area. Numerous governments in Japan have begun to assess their local litter problems and measure the impact of their anti-litter efforts using our Takanome-based research services.

  • Where Our Research Has Been Conducted

    Takanome-based research has been used in numerous areas to identify anti-litter solutions.
    Case: Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kawasaki, New York, Hong Kong

    Kawasaki Station Vicinity

    Kawasaki City / GLOCOM

    September 2015 - February 2016

    Mobile Communication Fund / Gumclean Company Ltd. / Other

    November 2015 - April 2016

    Cafeteria Culture / Sony Digital Entertainment Services

    March 2016 - April 2016

  • How Our Research Has Been Used

    We use the data obtained through our research (including the type, quantity and distribution of litter) for analysis and proposals related to litter. We welcome any opportunity to collaborate on research with universities and corporate research teams. We can provide some of our data. Please contact us for detail.

    Reduction of clean-up and education costs

    Study of placement of designated smoking areas and public trash bins

    Selection of areas for anti-litter patrol and education

    Collaboration with local clean-up efforts

    Study of anti-litter design

    Comparison with other areas

  • How Takanome-based Research Is Conducted

    1. Research proposal

    We propose the scope and frequency of research based on the purpose.

    2. Record on video streets using a smartphone 

    A team of individuals records on video the assigned streets using a smartphone app. You can record on your own or ask us to record on your behalf.

    3. Analyze the video on a computer

    We analyze the type and quantity of litter captured on video using Takanome. Computer analysis enables litter research applying the same standards consistently without being affected by variations in people's abilities to spot, categorize and analyze litter.

    4. Conduct quality control

    Trained staff provides quality control by reviewing the results. For example, because Takanome cannot distinguish litter from trash that has been discarded at a proper location, applying the judgment of trained staff is valuable in ensuring high quality of results.

    5. Produce heat maps and/or reports

    We generate the results using an easy-to-understand heat maps. Upon your request, we can prepare formal reports, including comparisons with other areas, and proposals for anti-litter design.

  • Supporters

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